Constitution of the Paintball Club at Michigan Technological University

December 2007


Article I            Name

A.  The official name of the organization will be the Paintball Club at  

      Michigan Technological University.

B.  The common reference to the organization will be the Paintball Club.

Article II           Objectives

A.  To spread the awareness of paintball to the MTU community.

1.  This community will include members of the MTU student  

     body and faculty as well as the local community.

2.  To demonstrate and practice proper safety precautions in    


3.  To allow members of the community to enjoy the sport of


B.  To support a tournament team that will participate in the National

     Collegiate Paintball Association (NCPA) and represent Michigan

     Technological University on a competitive level.

Article III         Membership

  1.  Eligibility


  1.  Membership is open to all Michigan Technological University, Students, Faculty, and Staff, as well as members of the greater Michigan Technological University community.
  2. Dues for membership are established in the supplemental document entitled “Club Prices”.
  3. In compliance with Michigan Technological University’s Board of Control Equal Opportunity policy effective December 9, 2005, the Association will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, height, weight, or marital status.  The organization must also be committed to the policy of not discriminating against disabled individuals or veterans.


  1.  Membership Privileges and Responsibilities


  1.  Members are entitled to free use of club equipment, discounted paintball and equipment prices, and discounts on any club trips.
  2. Members must return all club equipment to the club in a clean, working state.
  3. Members may not purchase equipment through the club for non-members without prior approval by the club.
  4. Members, while not required, will be asked and should expect to help in the organization and promotion of the club.


  1.  Membership Revocation


  1.  If a club member commits any act that is detrimental to the club as a whole their membership will be put to a closed majority vote at a general club meeting.
  2. Membership can be terminated at any time and dues may not be refunded.


Article IV         Officers

  1. Officers and Duties


  1. President:  Representative of the organization responsible for club relations. Runs the day to day operations of the organization
  2. Vice President: Assists the president in organizing the club and acts as the president while the position is vacant.
  3. Treasurer: Responsible for all the financial matters of the organization. Presents the state of all club accounts at meetings. Controls the flow of money in and out of the club. Responsible for preparing the balance statement for the budget application. In charge of ordering all equipment and supplies for the club and club members.
  4. Secretary: Responsible for all club advertising. Also responsible for taking and distributing meeting minutes to the members. Responsible for maintaining a list of all members and updating the paintball-l list server. Maintain a list of sanctions imposed upon officers and attendance by officers at all club activities and meetings (this list will be verified by all
    the officers).
  5. Field Manager: Responsible for maintenance and up-keep of any club properties including any fields.  Arranges field work days and organizes work to be done.  Responsible for all club equipment. Must ensure the equipment works and is clean when needed.
  6. Webmaster: Responsible for maintaining the club webpage, including  updating the member profile section and posting meeting minutes as provided by the club secretary.  Responsible for updating the webpage to include advertisements and tournament information as determined by the club
  7. Senior Advisor: This position will be elected by a simple majority of the next semesters’ officers. This office can be held by any club member who has university senior status. This office is intended to help the transitional process of new officers, as the more experienced club members and officers graduate.
  8. Club Advisor: The club advisor will be a MTU faculty member dedicated to assist the club when necessary and a willingness to keep informed of club activities by attending club meetings. The advisor should help guide the club, but will not vote in club matters. The advisor position does not need to be renewed annually. Rather the term of the position will be open-ended and can be terminated at any time by the advisor themselves or by a two-thirds majority of the absentee votes for a replacement advisor.


B.  Election

  1. Anyone who has been an active member of the organization may run for any of the offices. Elections shall be held during the Tenth week of spring semester eighth week of spring term. The organization members shall be notified of the date, time, and place for elections by the Friday of eighth week of spring semester sixth week of spring term. To be a candidate for election you must e-mail the mailing list by Friday of the ninth week of spring semester seventh week and simply state your name and which office you would like to run for. The duration of all offices shall be from the beginning of summer semester term following elections through the end of the following spring semester term. The final weeks of spring semester term after elections shall serve as a transition period during which old officers and newly elected officers work together to help ensure the future success of the organization. Elections will be determined by

a closed ballet for each candidate and their respective office. A simple majority of all members present at the election meeting is all that is required to win. Absentee voting for elections will not be allowed.

C. Officer Transition

  1. It is encouraged that the standing president have at least one year of school left after holding office. And then in their final year of school assist the club as a Senior Advisor. This is to help aid in the transition as students graduate and help pass on the knowledge of how to run the club. This section is not binding in any way.


  1. Removal From Office


  1. Officers shall investigate any other officer that causes any damage to the organization. In the event that an officer is found to be detrimental to the club they can be removed from office by a vote of all members of the club. For convenience, this vote will be done through a two-thirds majority of absentee votes. The offending officer shall be removed from their office, but may remain a club member. An officer that has been removed from office may run for any office position again in future years provided they disclose their previous removal from office. Officers may also be removed from office by sanction as stated in Article IV, F, Sanctions.


  1. Responsibilities of Officers


  1. The officers shall be cooperative with other officers and work together whenever necessary. All officers are together responsible for making any emergency decisions and planning for the future of the organization. All officers will be responsible for learning how to properly use all of the club equipment and have basic knowledge of maintaining the equipment. All officers need to work a minimum of one day (four hours) at each of the organization’s local tournaments. All officers need to be excused from any club meeting that they cannot attend. To be excused the officer must notify the President or Secretary all of the other officers at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting with a legitimate reason for their absence. Officers may only have one unexcused absence

from club meetings per school year. An officer can be removed from office under the guidelines established in Article IV, Section F, “Sanctions”. In the event of a vacant office position, the remaining officers will choose one member to temporarily fill the office position as an acting officer. If the vacancy lasts longer than one month, the temporary officer shall become a permanent officer.

 F.  Sanctions

  1. A sanction may be posed against any officer upon infraction of the guidelines established in this constitution. Failure of an officer to work their required hours at a tournament will result in a sanction posed against that officer. A sanction will also be imposed for every unexcused absence from a club meeting after their first unexcused absence. Upon receiving three sanctions the offending officer will be immediately removed from office, but will remain a club member.


Article V          Advisor(s)

  1. Definition


  1. The advisor shall be a full-time member of the faculty or staff of the University.  He/she maintains continuity, offers guidance, helps cut through red tape, serves as a sounding board, assists officers, and is an all-around resource person.


  1. Election


  1. The Advisor is elected in the same manner as the officers (Article IV, B).  The election results are then forwarded to the Office of Student Activities, for approval.


Article VI        Club Operations

  1. Meetings


  1. Any concerned person may request that a meeting be called to discuss important club topics. Any officer may call a meeting when they feel it is necessary. The officer that calls a meeting shall be responsible for creating the initial agenda for that meeting. General meetings will be held as needed for conducting business. Notice of at least one week will be provided. The election meeting is an exception to this and two weeks need to be provided. Notice will be provided through the club mailing list and on the club web page.


B.  Equipment

  1. The organization shall purchase equipment for use by its members. Members may suggest any new purchases to the president or at a club meeting. Before purchasing any new equipment a vote will be introduced at a club meeting. A majority of all members present is needed to purchase any new equipment.
  2. Purchases for the upkeep and incidentals of club activities need not be voted on. Only a majority vote of, a quorum of, the officers need to approve these purchases. Any purchases made in this manner will be reported to the club at the next meeting.


C.  Summer Management

  1. During the summer term any officers who remain in the MTU area will manage the club activities and day-to-day responsibilities. All officers will need to be contacted by e-mail or phone to make any necessary club decisions. In the event that no officer will be in the MTU area for the summer term, special arrangements shall be made by consensus of the officers before the summer begins.


D.  Absentee Voting

  1. Absentee voting, when necessary, will be done by a confidential and secure means. The suggested method will be through a secure e-mail account. At the deadline of the vote, all the officers will simultaneously check and tally the votes to determine the result. At least one week of voting shall be given when conducting an absentee vote.


Article VII.     Constitution

  1. Adoption


  1. The constitution must be ratified any time it undergoes a revision, other than by amendments, by a two-thirds majority of absentee votes. Immediately following elections every year the constitution shall be signed and dated by all officers and the club advisor. This official constitution shall be kept in the Office of Student Activities.
  2. It will take effect when approved by the Office of Student Activities.


            B.  Amendments

  1. Any member who wishes to change the constitution shall submit a bill to the secretary for posting on the club web page at least one week prior to a general meeting. The bill shall be discussed at the meeting and then put to a vote through absentee voting. A two-thirds majority of the absentee votes will be necessary for a bill to become an amendment to the constitution. A failed bill for amendment may be put to a vote again if any circumstances affecting the bill have changed.
  2. It will take effect when approved by the Office of Student Activities.


Article VIII.    Supplemental Documents

  1. Documents


  1. Recreational Play Rules: Rules and guidelines for open play with the Paintball Club.
  2. Tournament Play Rules: Rules and guidelines for the tournaments the Paintball Club hosts.
  3. Special Event Guidelines: Rules, guidelines, eligibility, responsibilities and expectations of participants to special events such as club trips and tournaments.
  4. Local Tournament Pricing: Prices including entry fee and paint fees for the tournaments the Paintball Club hosts.
  5. Club Prices: Membership fees and all other club fees.
  6. Standard Operating Procedures for Officer Positions: Guidelines maintained by current officers to assist their future replacements.
  7. Changes to any of these documents will be made by the guidelines established within the respective document.



















Equipment Manager:




Field Manger:




Senior Advisor.